About us

Who is Triton?

Triton Consulting Group is the leading communications consulting firm for small government entities in the greater Texas area. Triton is a consultant to the Board of a District that advises and guides them in all matters of public outreach and information dissemination.

Our role is to help districts develop communication tools and adopt strategies to improve transparency in initiatives and projects while bolstering the avenues and success of communication with the community.

What We Do

Triton works directly for many public and private sector entities to provide communications guidance and technology tools to bring about improved awareness and transparency.

No matter the problem, Triton brings the tools and knowledge to provide the most experienced and practical answers.

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Our Mission

Our intent is to work with public sector entities to adapt new practices, improve processes, and hasten communications as means to improving modernity, efficacy, and transparency.

Let our advisers help navigate the future of your District and be part of forming the new future of public sector communications.

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Our Vision

Triton strives to adapt the successful tools of private sector for public sector use to set higher standards and to make the industry achieve truly useful transparency.

It is our vision to close the gap between “legally public” and “practically public” thereby bringing public entities closer to meeting the public’s actual expectations.

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Meet the Team

Meet some of our core team members that make Triton what it is.

David Aitken IV
David Aitken IV

Triton's founding member responsible for its initial inception and provides strategic project advisement.

Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel's long tenure in public sector brings unique expertise to the Triton group and allows for greater strategic collaboration.

Henry Dibrell
Henry Dibrell

Henry's political experience and serving on large school Districts brings unique skills to the Triton team.

Amanda Beasley
Amanda Beasley
Operations Director

Amanda's ability to provide thorough operational oversight ensures the utmost efficacy from the Triton team.

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